Product Safety

A large number of regulatory requirements arise due to the national and international legislation governing chemicals and the wide range of applications of our additives.

Our product safety department checks these requirements and is happy to support our customers in relation to a wide variety of different questions.

  • REACh
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Classification and labelling
  • Country list (inventory of chemicals)
  • SVHC – Statement
  • Food contact
  • Eco-labels



The REACh Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 is the European Chemicals Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of  Chemicals, which entered into force in 2007.

Under this EU Regulation, substances imported or produced in quantities of in excess of 1t per year must be registered. The last transitional period for registration ends on 31 May 2018. Certain groups of substances, e.g. polymers, are, however, excluded from the registration obligation.

We, Schäfer Additivsysteme GmbH, face up to the challenges associated with REACh and have undertaken to implement this regulation accordingly. We assure you that all our products and their contents are pre-registered, registered or exempted from the REACh registration requirement, and are marketable in the EU.

Due to the high costs associated with a REACh registration, it can be anticipated that many companies will no longer be able to produce certain substances following the end of the transition period on 31 May 2018. We are therefore in constant contact with our producers and suppliers to check the registration status of our raw materials. At the moment we do not expect our product portfolio to change greatly beyond May 2018 due to the effects of REACh. If it should nevertheless be necessary to adapt our product portfolio, we will inform all the affected customers accordingly to work out solutions promptly and jointly - solutions that work.

Material safety data sheets (MSDS)

Schäfer Additivsysteme produces its material safety data sheets according to the regulations and specifications of REACh Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, Article 31 in conjunction with Annex II. The safety data sheets are regularly inspected and updated.

It emerges from the REACh regulation that the preparation of a safety data sheet is generally not required for products which do not contain any substances classified as hazardous that exceed the thresholds of consideration.

We, Schäfer Additivsysteme GmbH, however, go beyond the requirements of the legislature and are happy to provide our customers with a material safety data sheet for every one of our products.

Classification and labelling

The classification and labelling of our products is performed in accordance with the CLP regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. A lot of amendments were made to the new CLP Regulation, when the old directives 67/548 / EEC and 1999/45 / EC were replaced. New hazard classes and altered classification criteria led to an intensification of the classification of many substances and compounds in conjunction with the conversion from the old directives to the new CLP regulation.

New findings from the studies performed as part of the REACh registrations have already led to a further intensification of the classification of numerous raw materials.

We, Schäfer Additivsysteme GmbH, strive for the best possible classification of our products for the benefit of our customers. As part of our product development process, we therefore place particular emphasis during the selection of raw materials upon their classification.

Inventory of chemicals (country list)

A lot of countries have introduced lists of chemicals (inventories) that list all chemicals that are manufactured in a country or imported into this country. In countries in which such an inventory exists, a substance can only be manufactured, imported or marketed if it is listed in the relevant inventory.

We regularly check the listing status of our products in the following inventories:

The listing status is listed in our "Regulatory Information Sheets", which we will be happy to send to you on request.

SVHC - Statement

SVHC are „Substances of Very High Concern” which are published by the European Chemicals Agency ECHA in the "Candidate List".

The candidate list is the list of substances eligible for inclusion in Annex XIV. Inclusion in Annex XIV means the substance is subject to authorisation. No obligation for authorisation results from the SVHC status alone, however there are extensive information obligations relating to the supply chain.

We, Schäfer Additivsysteme GmbH, assure our customers that no substances from the candidate list or Annex XIV are used in our formulations.

It is our aim to ensure the welfare of our customers to avoid such substances of concern and to replace them with less harmful substances. Part of our development involves regularly monitoring the activities of the ECHA and the Member States with regard to the evaluation of our products and raw materials to ensure we can evaluate possible alternatives at an early stage in this way.

If one of our products contains an SVHC, a PBT substance or a vPvB substance above the threshold of consideration of 0.1%, Schäfer Additivsysteme will comply with its obligation to communicate in accordance with Article 33 of the REACh Regulation by passing this information on in the relevant safety data sheet. You can obtain the relevant information from sections 2.3, 12.6 and 15.1 in the safety data sheet.

However, during our quality checks we do not check our products for traces (<0.1%) of all the aforementioned hazardous substances. We are therefore unable to guarantee that they are completely absent.

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