When using lubricants it is usually unavoidable to have substances entering the environment. This especially regards chainsaw oils and loss lubricants, but also includes hydraulic oils, coolant fluids, and materials for many other applications. Thus, particularly in environmentally sensible areas, lubricants and their corresponding additives should exhibit a high level of environmental compatibility.

To provide an opportunity for lubricant users to select environmentally compatible and biodegradable lubricants, ecolabels have been established at a national and an EU-level.

In Germany this is identified as the “Blue Angel”, while on an EU-level it is the EU-Ecolabel, which is also known as the Euroblume, Euro-Margerite, or the EU-Margerite.



When allocating ecolabels, ratings of ecotoxicity, biodegradability and sustainability are the foreground. These ecolabels provide the opportunity for suppliers of lubricants to demonstrate the level of environmental competence of their products, therefore also increasing marketing opportunities of the relevant products.

This is another reason as to why lubricants designated with ecolabels are increasing in product sales in the lubricant industry.


LuSc-list (EU-Ecolabel)

The lubricant substance classification list (LuSc-list) is a list of substances and products which fulfill the relevant criteria of the EU-Ecolabel for lubricants. These criteria were revised upon the EU Commission Decision 2018/1702/EU, from November 8th, 2018. The testing and rating of products is based on their biodegradability, level of aquatic toxicity, and renewability in a competent authority. The release of products is granted through a Letter of Compliance (LoC). We gladly send you this upon request.

The application process for the EU-Ecolabel along with the related decision making process of competent authority, are significantly faster and simplified when using additives in your lubricant formulations which are included in the LuSC-list.

We, Schäfer Additivsysteme GmbH, want to simplify the application process for the EU-Ecolabel for you. Upon request we are willing to incorporate products in the LuSC-list when possible. We gladly support you.

Some of our products, in the acid scavengers (AS), antioxidants (AO), antiwear (AW), extreme pressure (EP), and corrosion inhibitors (CI) sectors, have recently been evaluated by the dutch office SMK and have been added to the LuSC-list. We strive to broaden this product selection for the future.

You can find detailed information for the listed products in our Eco-label flyer and can contact us at any time with further question.


RAL-UZ 178 (“The Blue Angel”)

In Germany, the counterpart to the LuSC-list on the EU-level is found in Appendix 1 of the basic criteria RAL-UZ 178 for “Biodegradable lubricants and hydraulic fluids”.

The intention of this list is to simplify Blue Angel registration of products for producers of lubricants and hydraulic fluids, as additional data is not required for products listed in this section.

Testing and rating of products follow similar procedures to that of the EU-Ecolabel and is carried out by the RAL gGmbH. The release of a product is confirmed through a declaration, which we would gladly send you upon request.

We, Schäfer Additivsysteme GmbH, also want to help simplify the Blue Angel application process of lubricants and hydraulic fluids for you.

We are also willing to incorporate products in Appendix 1 of RAL-UZ 178 for you when possible. We gladly support you.

You can find detailed information on listed products in our Ecolabel-flyer. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

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