Schäfer Additivsysteme GmbH

Community and Cultural Engagement

As a family business, it is especially important for Schäfer Additivsysteme to take on social responsibility. Therefore, we have put our efforts into supporting initiatives that influence as many people as possible and have a long-lasting effect. In this manner we encourage and enhance regional institutions, organizations, and non-profit associations in the broad range of children and youth work, as well as arts and culture. Hereby we are investing in the future.

SOS Children’s Village Pfalz

A portion of our engagement is with the SOS Children’s Village Pfalz in Eisenberg. This SOS children’s village establishes new families for children to grow up in who, for various reasons, can’t live with their parents. Within this new children’s village family, youth are able to develop and grow up in a stable and comfortable environment, while also receiving individual, educational, and therapeutic support. Hereby, the children’s village provides children with long term life perspectives.

Ludwigshafen Cycling

We have been supporting the Ludwigshafen Cycling Club “RSC Ludwigshafen e.v.” (used to be named GFR-Ludwigshafen e.v.) since 2004. Apart from numerous successes in amateur cycling, this club also has done very successful youth work.  For us it is important that young people have the opportunity to partake in meaningful recreational activities, which offer them physical and social development.


TV Hochdorf

The handball club TV Hochdorf stands out for its involvement with youth work. Through a holistic approach to educating youth and adolescents, the club does not only assist with athletic development, but also creates a social life with and alongside handball. This is more than enough reason to financially support the TV Hochdorf.

Kathrin Christians

Besides music, important values to mediate for the flutist Kathrin Christians include tolerance, respect, and openness. On the one hand this musician gives moderation concerts to bring an understanding of classical music to the public, while on the other hand she works on projects where individuals of young generations can gain curiosity and interest in new and different fields.

Our business managers maintain a tight-knit and personal relationship with the individuals relating to these projects. In this way, we can ensure that our donations are used in the intended purposes.

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