Social commitment

As a family business it matters a lot to Schäfer Additivsysteme to take over social responsibility. Therefore we have been supporting initiatives for years which reach as many people as possible and act in the long run. For this purpose we strengthen regional institutions, organisations and charitable associations in the area of child and youth work and thus invest in the future.

Part of our commitment can be found in the  SOS-Kinderdorf Pfalz [SOS Children's Village Palatinate] in Eisenberg. The SOS-Kinderdorf offers children a new family who do not grow up with their parents due to very different reasons. Within the framework of this children's village family the children can grow up in a stable family environment, can be supported individually and supervised pedagocigally and therapeutically. The SOS-Kinderdorf offers the children a medium-term to long-term life perspective.


The second project which is supported by Schäfer Additivsysteme is the youth development work of the cycling club "Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Radsports e.V." in Ludwigshafen. We support the club in offering young people reasonable leisure activities and creating space for the sports, social and physical development of children and young people.

Our managing directors have close personal relationships with all projects. Thus we can see what is done with the money we donate.

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