LUBIO® Additive


The LUBIO® Sulfosafe cross-linkers contribute to develop a three-dimensional network during vulcanisation. The degree of cross-linking has an influence on the properties of the rubber (e. g. on the hardness, the viscosity and the melting point). With the use of LUBIO® Sulfosafe preferably disulfidic bonds are created which prevent a reversion of the vulcanised rubber.

LUBIO ® Active ingredient Application Product form Treat level [wt %] TGA [°C] Melting area [°C]
LUBIO® Sulfosafe 1 dithioether derivative BR, EPDM, IR, NBR, EVA S 1.5 -2.0 150 130
LUBIO® Sulfosafe 2 dithioether-zinc-cluster BR, EPDM, IR, NBR, EVA S 1.5 -3.0 140 65

L: Liquid
S: Solid

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